Stop Telling People ‘You’re so Busy’, It Could Ruin Your Life 

Photo: Call Centre Helper

In America, you’ll notice that everyone wants to tell you how busy they are. They have a good reason for that… Most Americans work more hours than most other nations. The phrase ‘I’m so busy’ is super familiar to Americans, but what many don’t realize is using it recklessly could ruin your personal and professional life.
Here are a few reasons why you should stop telling everyone that you’re so busy.

People think You’re Bragging

When you tell others about the millions of things you have going on, you might be sending the wrong message. Who knows, they may be thinking, “Look at all me and all my responsibilities. Look at how productive and successful I am.” By telling everybody that you’re so busy, you place the focus on yourself and invite the attention of others.

In addition to looking like you’re bragging, people might think you just straight up don’t want to talk to them. Instead of telling people how hectic your life is at the moment, take the time to connect with them. Ask them questions. It’s super important to take the time to get to know people, create friendships, and deepen relationships. Your mental well-being depends upon it.

Being Busy isn’t Anything Special

Your calendar doesn’t make you special, everybody is busy. So stop going around and saying “I’m busier than you”. Quit comparing your schedule to others. If you’re trying to stand out in your career, you’re not going to look better than anybody else by telling people how busy you are. You might think being busy is a sign of success, but it’s not. It’s really just a signal that you aren’t working smart.

Being Busy Closes the Door to New Opportunities

Lastly, if people think you’re busy they won’t bother you with new opportunities. You don’t want people to think you’re too busy to take on a new opportunity. You want people thinking of you when something amazing comes through.

Let people know that you will make time for the important things. Let people know you’re open to opportunities. And quit saying, “I’m so busy”.