Five Reasons You Should Get a Business Degree

Career options for students pursuing a degree in business
The career options for business degree graduates are endless! From opening your own business to being a freelance accountant, a business degree will fully prepare you for any career you choose to pursue. Some of the main career paths business students chose to follow are:

  • Marketing & Sales – Marketing and sales personnel use their business acumen to target consumers to create sales for corporations, small businesses, and non-profits alike. These roles range from in-store marketing to director of marketing. Marketing uses a combination of the creative brain and your analytical skills to determine what will resonate with consumers and ultimately lead to a sale.
  • Accounting & Finance – Do number makes you tick? Do you love to find numerical errors and guide businesses in how to successfully manage their money? Most business degrees have a large focus on accounting and finance! From a data analyst to a tax adviser, there are many career options that can be pursued with a business degree that focuses on accounting or finance.
  • Economics – One of the most interesting aspects of business is how our economy affects our day-to-day business decision. With a business degree focusing on economics you will learn how consumer demand affects business decisions and the effect human behavior has on the success of your business.
  • Entrepreneurship – When you study entrepreneurship while obtaining your business degree you learn every aspect of what it takes to create a product, market your product, create a need for your product, and be fully successful as a business owner. You will learn each and every aspect of a business to fully understand how to be successful as a business owner.
  • Entertainment & Sports Management – What many do not realize is that the entertainment and sports industry are directly tied to business. There are so many business aspects that an individual needs to be proficient in to be successful in these fields. From contract management to sports marketing, a business degree with a focus on entertainment and sports management will prepare you to enter this exciting industry and make a name for yourself in entertainment or sports management.
  • Advertising – One of the more creative sides of business is the field of advertising. Hand in hand with marketing, advertising is what convinces a consumer to buy a product. With a business degree that focuses on marketing, you will learn how to create catchy and eye-popping advertisements that draw your customer and create sales.