Sick of Your “Regular” Job? – Here Are 8 Careers That Don’t Require a Conventional Office

Many people like to play it safe. A regular job, 9 am – 6 pm working hours, stable work environment and a neat office; but where is the fun in that?

If you an adventurous soul, you’d like a more “unconventional” job. A job that doesn’t have a normal office with suits and glossy furniture. Allow us to help you.

Here are eight jobs that will not hold you a prisoner in a cubicle.

1. Personal chef

PHOTO: Skeeze/Pixabay

Technically a chef at a restaurant also doesn’t have an office but it is still ‘too corporate’ for me to include in this list of fun careers. Instead, let’s see how being a personal chef can liberate you. Many families prefer to have a personal chef who lives nearby, or sometimes even in the house, to cook delicious meals for them. The greatest benefit of being a personal chef is that you get to experiment a lot. You are not bound by restaurant policies. Personal chef has a lot of space.

2. Travel blogger

PHOTO: Unsplah/Pixabay

World is your oyster! – Nope, it is your office. If you are to make money by writing about travel, needless to say you’d have to travel. Your “work life” would be wandering one place to another, experiencing different cultures, meeting new people. Your “office” would be laptop, mobile phones and probably a DSLR camera.

(A quick question I never thought of before; what do travel bloggers do when they have to take time off work? – Surely, they don’t travel or take vacations? Is there any travelling blogger that can help us out? Please let me know in the comment section below.)

3. Event manager

PHOTO: Counselling/Pixabay

Also known as event planner; your office is where the event is. If you are planning a wedding or any event, you cannot do it while sitting in a cubicle. You’ll have to be out there, in the field. Therefore, no office required. Your office is mobile, it moves from one venue to another.

4. Realtor

PHOTO: Vimeo

Technically this job touches the best of both sides; normally realtors do have an office but they seldom spend time in it. If you are a realtor, you’d obviously go around showing people properties all day long. Your car is your real office and your cell phones and property lists are your files. The real estate industry requires a lot of legal paperwork, for that you’ll have a standard office.

5. Pilot

PHOTO: Unsplah/Pixabay

Sure you’ll have to study a lot for this but in the end it will all be worth it. Imagine, your office won’t be of brick and mortar instead it would be in the sky. That’s how life is for an airplane pilot. However one can say that this role includes a lot of time stuck in a confined space but it is NOTHING like working in an office, won’t you agree?

6. Lifeguard

PHOTO: Unsplah/Pixabay

If you are an outdoorsy person you can never ask for a better role than a lifeguard. You will have no office, no paperwork and no reports – just saving and protecting people. And you will do all these while enjoying beautiful beaches and breathtaking outdoor sceneries.

Enjoyment aside being a lifeguard is also beneficial health wise. With all the training, exercising and swimming you also get an extra dose of vitamin D.

7. Mixologist

PHOTO: Wikipedia

Grabbing a drink is a relishing moment for many people. It is either to top off a spectacular day, to celebrate an achievement or even to compete with a sorrows of a forgettable day. You can be the person who fixes them up with their drinks.

Mixologist is a person who is skilled at making drinks and cocktails. They are like chefs of the liquor world.  There are certifications you can complete. Many mixologists create their own drinks and travel around the world and help setup bars and restaurants.

8. Professional photographer

PHOTO: Peggy Marco/Pixabay

Becoming a professional photographer is the easiest way to live a dream life. You make decent money, go to restricted places, travel the world, meet famous people, capture the beauty of moments and best of all; not stay in an office and work in a cubicle.

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