Fun Boozey Places You Can Visit with your Dog

The only thing better than hitting up your local pub and enjoying a few drinks is taking your pup along for the ride. Not everywhere is pet-friendly, but these five locations will have you traveling across the country with your dog just to get a taste.

Photo: Bring FIdo

Bike Dog Brewing, Sacramento, CA

If it’s in the name, that means they’re welcome, right? Right!! Dogs are such a staple of Bike Dog Brewing that they have their own Instagram account showcasing all the lovely fluffy pups that come to visit. Follow them at @dogsofbikedog. With the founders being huge lovers of dogs, bikes, and good beer, they took that love and formed it into something amazing.So grab your pup, your wallet, and your friends and head on over to Bike Dog Brewing. You won’t be disappointed.

Featuring bandanas and collars for your dog and numerous events such as an annual golf tournament, community rides, and Yappy Hours.

Bigsby’s Folly, Denver, CO

Who doesn’t want to open a brewery and name it after their firstborn pup? The owners of Bigsby’s Folly did just that. Named after their first golden retriever, this brewery is fun for humans and dogs alike. From the pet toys on the patio to the chef-made treats to the on-site training classes, everything is designed to make this brewery just as fun for your dog as it is for you.

Payette Brewing Co., Boise, ID

Take a stroll down the greenbelt with your dog and end it the perfect way at Payette Brewing. With a beer garden that doubles as a dog park, you can’t go wrong spending the afternoon here with your furry friend. Buy yourself a beer and your pup a new collar and everybody is bound to be thrilled. With a staff filled with wonderful humans and dogs alike, this is a stop you don’t want to miss.