New and on Trend Ways to Get Fit and Stay fit this Summer

Typically when you think of exercising, you picture running or lifting weights at the gym. For someone who is trying desperately to start putting their fitness first, these seem awfully daunting and downright boring.

Thankfully, exercise can be so much more than just lifting weights and doing cardio. Basically, any activity that gets your heart pumping counts. So drop the weights and jump on the wagon of these five hot new fitness trends.

Mermaid Swimming

Photo: AquaMermaid

As ridiculous as it sounds, mermaid swimming is not just for girls who want to cosplay The Little Mermaid. Mermaid swimming incorporates the physical benefits of doing laps with the fun of wearing a tail. Just do a quick google search of mermaid swimming in your area to find classes you can try. Just be sure that they provide tails or you’ll be tasked with coming up with one of your own!


Photo: Washington Post

If you’re the type of person who likes to give back to mother earth while getting in shape, this one is for you. Plogging is basically just a combination of jogging and picking up litter. Some people pick up every piece of trash they see during their workout, while others dedicate a specific amount of time to cleaning the earth.

Giving back to Earth while also giving back to our bodies—what a win-win!

Log Rolling

Photo: Madison Log Rolling

While you might remember log rolling from Saturday morning cartoons, it is actually a sport! Log rolling involves two competitors fighting to stay on a log the longest. Unfortunately, this activity can sometimes be a little harder to find depending on your location.

Aerial Hoop & Yoga

Photo: Aerial Yoga Gear

Now, this is one of the sports on this list you may have heard of before! Aerial yoga is just basic yoga with the use of a hammock. On the other hand, aerial hoop yoga just sports the use of a hoop. Both fall in the acrobatic category and are simple variations of exercise you’ve probably done before. This workout is offered in specialized gyms, studios, and the circus. Just be careful; the risk of injuries are higher with these workouts.

Goat Yoga

photo: Wall Street Journal

As seen on social media goat yoga is exactly what it sounds like: yoga with goats. As it quickly blows up and becomes mainstream, goat yoga can be found in any major city or farm. While the idea of goats jumping around and nibbling on things sounds less than relaxing, various studies have shown the health benefits of being around animals. Plus, goats are super cute.

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