Jake Arrieta Throws A No Hitter

The Performance

Jake No Hitter Meme
edited by Walter

In the early innings it was quite obvious that Jake did not have his best Stuff nor his best control, yet that did not hamper his ability to control the Cincinnati Reds lineup – which speaks a great deal about how Jake was able to execute.  After the game, Arrieta even mentioned that he felt “a little off” with his pitches. Noticeably, his devastating Slider (Cutter?) didn’t seem to have its normal bite through stretches of the game.

Arrieta normally has far better Stuff, but he rarely has been as dominant as he was last night. Reds hitters never really made solid contact and the Cubs defenders were never challenged in the field. Despite Arrieta’s four walks it never looked as if the Reds ever really stood a chance at the plate.

Cubs History of No Hitters

Since 1965 Cubs Pitching has produced 7 No Hitters, Arrieta joins Ken Holtzman with two (Larry Corcoran had 3 between 1880-1885). From 1972 thru the 2007 season the Cubs only


recorded a single No Hitter (Milt Papas September 2, 1972) until the infamous Carlos Zambrano threw one on September 14, 2008 in a game against the Houston Astros that was played at Miller Park in Milwaukee after rescheduling due to Hurricane Ike.

This was Arrieta’s 2nd No Hitter in his last 11 regular season starts and dropped his ERA to 0.53 over his last 16 starts (15-0 record). If his stretch of dominance continues, he could produce an historic season that will not be forgotten for years to come.

With they way Jake Arrieta is pitching currently it’s possible he could throw another No Hitter this season.

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