Lacoste Takes a Stand for Endangered Animals with New Line

Photo: Lacoste

Lacoste recently replaced their iconic crocodile logo with a variety of endangered species. This is an exclusive collection in partnership with the International Union for Conservation of Nature. The Lacoste crocodile is one of the world’s most iconic logos, proudly displayed on the brand’s famous polos for the past 85 years. The story behind the crocodile pays homage to founder René Lacoste who earned his nickname thanks to his tenacity on the tennis court.

For the first time in the brand’s history, BETC has initiated a change of the logo. However, we’re not talking about a rebranding but a call to action in which Lacoste brings attention to the global state of biodiversity and animal rights. The Lacoste crocodile is making way for ten threatened animals in a collection of extremely limited-edition polo shirts.

Save Our Species

The Lacoste x Save Our Species line features embroidered appliques of the following endangered species

  1. the Anegada Ground Iguana, (only 450 left in the wild)
  2. Sumatran Tiger (350)
  3. the Saola (250)t
  4. the California Condor (231)
  5. the Cao-vit Gibbon (150)
  6. the Kakapo (157)
  7. the Javan Rhino (67)
  8. the Northern Sportive Lemur (50)
  9. the Burmese Roofed Turtle (40)
  10. the Vaquita (30).

The quantity of shirts available with each animal is equal to the amount of that animal that is left in the wild. All proceeds from the shirts benefit conservation efforts of each species featured.

BETC Paris

The collection, which was developed with creative agency BETC Paris, launched alongside the brand’s runway show at Paris Fashion Week. It also referenced a tree development project first established by Rene Lacoste and his wife at the start of World War II.

The initiative protected a dozen forestry workers in France from being sent to labor camps during the German occupation and saw 50,000 trees being planted. That served as inspiration for the new season’s main collection, as well as the endangered species polo shirts.

As the brand’s current designer Felipe Oliveira Baptista said: “This is our way of planting trees in 2018.” It marks the start of a three-year partnership between Lacoste and the International Union for Conservation of Nature.