Levi’s Teams up with Disney for Exclusive Snapchat Experience

Have you ever thought of buying products on Snapchat? Here’s an insider peek at how Levi’s is utilizing this platform for sales and new user experiences.

Levi’s x Disney

photo: adweek

Levi’s recently announced its launch of an exclusive product with Disney, that only available via photo app, Snapchat. This new exclusive product is a shoppable Snapchat experience, but it’s not open to anybody with a Snapchat account. You can only find this exclusive lookbook via the app at the Walt Disney World’s Disney Springs complex in Florida.

What is it Exactly?

If you’re the ultimate Disney fan, or maybe just a huge Levi’s fan, you might be asking yourself, what the heck is it? It is a limited edition Levi’s x Mickey Mouse cap that you can find only if you scan a special Snapcode while at the store. Scanning the code triggers a special lens, or filter, to try the product on.

After utilizing the lens to try the product on, you’ll see a ‘shop now’ functionality that is powered by Shopify. This is the only way to complete the purchase. Users have no option to buy the hat in store or online via Levi’s online brand space. The only other option for purchase is for a user who is in the store to screenshot the Snapcode and share it with their friends. This allows friends and family who are not the store in Florida to buy this exclusive item.

The Face of Product Innovation

“One of the ways we pursue innovation is by creating unique and immersive experiences with consumers,” said Brady Stewart, SVP of LSA Digital at Levi Strauss & Co. “What was important to us was to be able to marry the physical, the digital and the social side of things into one experience as a company.”

Stewart said that the goal of the concept is to bring alive the viral element of the experience. Given the nature of the experience, the hat itself is an extremely limited edition item.

Hope for Snapchat?

As Snapchat’s daily user base continues to decline, the social media company continues to push forward its social commerce strategy to bank on its highly engaged audience. Earlier this year, it teamed up with Nike to sell exclusive Air Jordan shoes at a basketball match, which sold out within minutes. Most recently, it worked with Adidas to sell an exclusive shoe through Snapchat original video content on its Discover feature.