Man Dragged to Death by NYC Subway

Photo from New York Post.
Photo from New York Post.

A man trying to board a New York City subway was dragged to his death after being caught in between the train’s doors, according to an MTA official.

Police say Edward Leonard, 51, was entering a southbound F train at the Union Turnpike-Kew Gardens station in Queens at about 6:45 p.m. on Monday. He got stuck in between the doors as they were closing before the subway pulled out of the station. He was dragged and his head struck the platform.

Leonard was taken to Jamaica hospital where he was pronounced dead of apparent head trauma. The New York Daily News reports he may have been intoxicated.

Officials say a piece of clothing may have become stuck in between the doors. Leonard’s death comes after the MTA announced it’s working on a pilot program to install sliding doors meant to prevent commuters from falling on to the tracks.

Photo from New York Magazine.
Photo from New York Magazine.

The incident is among New York City subway riders’ greatest fears. A similar incident occurred in July 2012, when a woman tripped and got her foot stuck between the platform and the train. Anita Gebode, 38, left a 300-foot trail of blood on the platform before being struck against the columns and tossed onto the tracks. He died trying to board the 3 train at the 135th St. station.

In that incident, the motorman who follows orders from the train’s conductor to stop or start the train said he “didn’t see” Gebode or he “would’ve pulled the [emergency brake] cord.”

The MTA says it’s investigating Leonard’s death.






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