Google Developing a Game Streaming Service Console

Photo: Daily star UK

Rumors of a Google games console codename ‘Yeti’ and cloud gaming platform are circulating. Full details to be possibly unveiled within the next month. Google’s current gaming efforts are particularly centered around video live streams on Youtube and Daydream VR.

“Yeti” A Google Gaming Platform

Yeti is said to be the company’s “Netflix for games”. Games will be hosted on remote servers. Subscribers would be able to stream games from cloud servers through a Google-made console, which would feature a hardware controller.

The biggest hurdle other similar services have encountered over the years is latency – the time it takes from the moment you move the controller thumbstick or press a button to the action occurring on screen.

Available on Android Devices

Games console or not, it is fully expected Yeti to be available via an app for Android devices, and that would include Philips and other brands’ televisions with Android TV built in. You might even be able to play it through the Nvidia Shield TV box, giving you an alternative to Nvidia’s own GeForce Now cloud gaming solution.

Although no idea of the payment system yet, rumors point to Google Yeti being a paid subscription service – much like GeForce Now and PlayStation Now.

Yeti has reportedly gone through several iterations, including one that would have worked with a Chromecast. Before Yeti, there have been “multiple projects” within Google like an Android-based gaming console that have failed due to waning support from senior executives.

In the meantime, Google has been in discussion with “top-tier gaming developers.” The Information notes that the gaming industry is valued at $109 billion.

2018 Holiday Launch

Yeti could have seen a launch as early as last year in time for the 2017 holiday season. That delay isn’t seen as being too catastrophic. This is because of Google’s hire of Microsoft and Sony gaming veteran Harrison just last month. He leads an unspecified new division as vice president. He has experience with gaming streaming service Gaikai, which Sony later purchased and rebranded as PlayStation Now.

That’s the million dollar question and one the public doesn’t know yet. With the Games Developers Conference (GDC) scheduled to start March 19 March, we might hear more about Yeti soon.