Mattress That Will Send You Mobile Alerts If Your Partner is Being Unfaithful

You must have heard of sleep tracking, but have you ever heard of mattress tracking? – This company will allow you to track the usage of your mattress, including the times you are not at home.

The product by Spanish mattress company Durmet is said to be the world’s first “smart mattress”, hence it is appropriately named “Smarttress”. The mattress comes with, what the company calls, a Lover Detection System – you will get an alert on your smartphone if your partner is cheating on you.

And no this is not a joke.

PHOTO: Mashable

How does it work?

Smarttress is a high value product priced at $1,750. It consists of many sensors that evaluate when the mattress’ springs  move. Thus, one can tell when the bed was used.

Wait, it gets better. Not only does Smarttress tells you when the bed was used but also “how” it was used. For example, it gives a detail account of all the activity on bed including duration, intensity and impact.

If you are at work and you get suspicious and unusually “intense and impactful” readings on your smartphone – Bam! Your partner might be cheating. You can confront your partner since you’d know exactly when it happened. Better yet, you rush over and can catch them in the act.

Practical much?

Smarttress may sound like an exciting gadget, but ask yourself, it is practical (at all)?

It is very expensive and the only upside is the censor that track your partners potential cheating. Various internet commenters have said that Smarttress is a largely useless device. And if you don’t trust your partner, you should install cameras, they are cheaper.

(Although, the best solution would be to see a couple’s therapist before you spend thousands of dollars over suspicion.)

According to the promotional video on company’s website, social media is a big instigator of unfaithfulness. And due to many people cheating these days, one ought to know if their partner is faithful or not.

The Smarttress ad’s tagline reads, “If your partner isn’t faithful, at least your mattress is.” – Not a very comforting, is it?

However, to a suspicious mind, this product might provide a good solution. These days people have “why the hell not” mentality while buying stuff. So Smarttress can turn out to be an overwhelming success. Many people will buy it out of curiosity alone.
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