Travel like a Minimalist this Holiday Season

You don’t have to purchase specific travel products to travel like a minimalist. While the right gear and packing light can keep your bag’s weight at a minimum and get you out the door faster, it’s not just about what you bring. Instead, it’s about freeing up space in your bag.

Photo: Getty Images

Packing Light in a Single Carry-On Bag

Say goodbye to bag fees, long waits to check or retrieve baggage, and the stress of lost luggage. Most airlines will allow you at least one carry-on item for free. Depending on which airline you fly, you might even get a carry-on as well as a personal item. Roll your items and pack them tight, being sure to leave room for a small bag of the items you’ll need onboard. Once you’re at your gate, pull this smaller bag out of your luggage when you’re ready to board and tuck it back in when you land to keep your hands free at the airport.

Dress in Layers

Try to pack a number of layer-able items that can be worn together or taken off to better suit any weather. Think a light sweater that can be worn by itself or under a jacket, dresses that can be paired with pants or leggings, and tops that can stand alone or slip under everything you brought.

Mix and Match

It’s important to pack items that you can mix and match together to create many different outfits. Similar to dressing in layers, it’s important that you bring items you could potentially wear more than once. Such as bringing only one or two pairs of pants for a week-long trip, and just switching up the top. Try not to bring anything that can only be worn with one other item (unless you need something fancy for an important event).