Blue Apron Vs. Home Chef

There is no denying that meal kits are taking the market by storm. With so many options on the market it is hard to decide what one might be right for you and your family. Today we are going to take two major meal kit plans and compare them. We’re going to do a comparison of pricing, online features, quality of ingredients, creativity of recipes, health factors, time, and packaging.  ??‍?

Blue Apron

Blue Apron Meal Kit
Photo: Blue Apron
Price: $59.95 a week
Online Features: 8 options to choose from and qualities of the meals are obviously identified (customer favorite, 30 minute meal, etc). It is easy to skip meals or change the day of the week you have it delivered. It also has tips and techniques that help chefs learn new skills. You also have the option to view the recipe online if you use a tablet or computer in the kitchen vs. the paper recipe.
Quality of Ingredients: High

Creativity of Recipes: Very creative recipes that the average chef would not make on their own. Sometimes the meals aren’t easy to make & the ingredients are weird, but that’s what makes this meal plan worth it.

Health Factor: They provide vegetarian meals, but a lot of Blue Apron meals are high in calories and do not take special diets into consideration. There are no options labeled as paleo, gluten free, calorie or carb conscious.

Time: So it really varies with Blue Apron how long it is going to take to cook each meal. Some Blue Apron meals are more difficult to make, which equals more time in the kitchen.

Packaging: Almost everything comes in a plastic baggie or plastic container. Luckily Blue Apron has a whole page on their website dedicated to how to recycle everything they send you, and they even offer the option to mail your recycling back to them.