“Sexiest Doctor Alive” Will Cure Your Illness with Just His Smile


Grey’s Anatomy fans, rejoice!

Via instagram.com/doctor.mike
Via instagram.com/doctor.mike

It seems like Dr. McDreamy came out of the television to sweep his patients off their feet in real life. While everyone knows that Dr. Derek Shepherd aka Dr. McDreamy is a work of fiction, Dr. Mikhail Varshavski of New Jersey is very, very real.

Dr. Varshavski, or Dr. Mike on Instagram, caught the attention of the public late last year. A growing clamor for the hot doctor was inevitable when he was named by People Magazine as “Sexiest Doctor Alive” in November.

Via instagram.com/doctor.mike
Via instagram.com/doctor.mike

Before you raise your eyebrows and say that you see hot doctors in the hospital everyday – what’s the freaking big deal – here are a few of the things that make Dr. Mike infinitely dreamier than TV’s Dr. McD:

  • He rocks the scrubs. Okay, so does McDreamy, but still, the sight of him in scrubs would make you want to call an ambulance and head straight to Overlook Medical Centre – ooonly he’s not exactly the E.R. kind of doctor. He specializes in family and sports medicine, so taking up a sport might gain you an access.
  • He’s a philanthropist. Dr. Mike set up Limitless Tomorrow, a foundation that benefits young students as they chase after their dreams. Just last month, he partnered with Coffee Meets Bagel, an online dating site, to raffle off a date with the “Sexiest Doctor Alive” himself in the most happening city in the world, New York City, to raise funds for his foundation. Two weeks after he launched the auction, he was already able to raise nearly $80,000!
  •  He loves kids. A 26-year old hot doctor who loves kids?! How can that not make you want to buy him a ring and propose marriage?
  • He loves dogs. So, this is sad news if you’re a cat person, but to dog lovers, this is totally wow. Dr. Mike owns a husky named Roxy, which you could see in several photos if you stalked his Instagram account.
  • This dude is into running and boxing. Mmm, testosterone!
  • If you went on a date, he’d probably tell you the adorable story of how he was totally a geek back in school and was ignored by the girls – and you would think, them girls were crazy!
  • He’s not embarrassed to let the world know how much he loves his dad.
  • He’s single.

    Via instagram.com/doctor.mike
    Via instagram.com/doctor.mike

Ladies, let’s all cross our fingers and wish his date with the Limitless Tomorrow auction winner doesn’t work out. Oops, #sorrynotsorry.

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