The Many Benefits of Remembering to Take your Vitamins

Photo: Celiac Disease Foundation

With the health craze taking America by storm, we’re starting to see more and more about the importance of taking your vitamins. With an increase in a desire to be healthy, companies like CareOf Vitamins have started to spring up to help you decide what vitamins are right for you. But what is the true value in remembering to take your vitamins? Don’t we get most of what we need from our food? The answer is questionable.

Why Vitamins?

I’ll be honest, most of us living in developed nations and eating a balanced diet don’t really need a daily multivitamin. The next question is are their other situations where we might need some sort of vitamin? The answer to that is yes.

Some people need vitamin supplements because they have particular medical conditions that can lead to deficiencies. People who do not have a regular balanced diet may well need particular vitamin pills. The same is true for people with various gut conditions that interfere with the absorption of vitamins in food. People on dialysis for kidney failure need vitamin supplements. Adults of all ages who get very little exposure to sunlight may need vitamin D supplements.