Nevada’s Handling Of Elections Is Embarrassing

Caucus Day

The Nevada Democratic Party has had issues with the handling of the states caucus since it was held on February 20th. Comedian, Young Turks Correspondent, and host of The Jimmy Dore Show originally broke the story of a very chaotic Nevada election.

Unfortunately, Democrats in Nevada continued to struggle with their caucus system – this Saturday their state convention was more theater than a representation of the democratic process.

What Happened At The Convention

Cenk Uygur, Host of The Young Turks broke down the situation quite well. Nevada first had a reversal of delegates that would have had Senator Bernie Sanders winning at the state convention; reversing the February 20th results. However, by the state rules of Nevada the switch came by fair and legal means. In an effort to simplify the situation; more delegates pledged to Bernie Sanders were present during the second round of the selection process, which led to the chaotic scene this Saturday.

The frantic scene is clearly not what is expected in a democratic society, nor does it create a very favorable image of Democratic leadership in the state of Nevada. Many in the mainstream media have ignored the obvious problems with how the convention was held – instead focusing upon the reactions of some out of line Sanders supporters (which there are no valid reasoning for threats). Erica Werner of the Associated Press recently published an article, completely ignoring those very problems.

Dan Rolle who is a Democratic Congressional nominee in Nevada’s 4th district also gave an in-depth detail of what happened behind closed doors, which led up to the debacle at the convention on Saturday.

It is clear that the situation could have been easily avoided if different procedures were enacted and the process was inclusive to the entirety of the party. When taking into account how the Nevada Democratic Party has handled the election process – it’s very clear that something needs to change.

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