Why You Should Absolutely Ignore The Mainstream Media

Mainstream Reports Are Absolutely Incorrect

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After the results of the Super Tuesday elections both TV and online media attached to the political establishment have stated that Secretary Hillary Clinton winning the Democratic nomination for President with as much certainty as their belief that they breathe oxygen. Despite the fact that now President Barack Obama did not gain the delegate lead until May of 2008,  over two thirds of the states of yet to vote, and the electoral map is now increasingly in Senator Bernie Sanders favor.

These facts are important to the integrity of the election and should be mentioned to voters. In the upcoming wave of states, Senator Sanders has the advantage if you look at the election trends with an objective view.

Sanders Will Likely Win Big In Several States

On Saturday March 5th, the Democratic Party will hold Caucuses in Kansas and Nebraska. Clinton lost the 2008 Kansas Caucus to Barack Obama by over 48% points, worse than her over 35% point defeat in the Nebraska Caucus. Sanders is expected to do extremely well in these states, defeating Secretary Clinton by wide margins. Senator Sanders should defeat the Secretary in remaining Caucus states due to demographic and organization factors on the ground. Do not expect a close contest in either state. Louisiana is holding a Primary on Saturday, which demographic trends show should go in her favor despite her losing the election in 2008. The state is likely to be her only victory going into Michigan and Mississippi on Tuesday March 8th.

On Sunday March 6th (also the date of the next Democratic debate), Maine will also have their Caucus. Secretary Clinton lost the Maine election in 2008 by over 19% points, and could easily do worse during this election. Sanders has spent time and money in each of these Caucus states to ensure trends continue in his favor.

Can Sanders Win Michigan


As mentioned above on March 8th Primaries in Michigan and Mississippi will be held. Secretary Clinton is expected to win in Mississippi, with the state not even on the Sanders list of states to spend time or money. However, Michigan has been a place of interest for Senator Sanders for quite sometime as he has used quite a bit of resources within the state. He is expected to heavily outspend Clinton in the state, along with spending more time on the ground as well.

His targeted campaign has zeroed in on Michigan over the past several weeks – a direct indication of how valued Michigan is in nomination strategy. A win in Michigan would mean Bernie goes into the March 15th elections winning 4 out of the last 6 races. There is no doubt that Senator Sanders can win in Michigan with the time and resources that have gone into the state.

So Why Does The Mainstream Media Discount Sanders

There is clearly an agenda – establishment outlets are not ignorant to the data listed above nor of the trends of the campaign. CNN recently conducted a poll that shows Senator Sanders doing far better than Secretary Clinton against every Republican candidate. Lee Fang of the Intercept also uncovered details where pundits appearing on CNN programming are employed by institutions doing work for the Clinton campaign.

March 2nd Sanders rally at Michigan State University
March 2nd Sanders rally at Michigan State University

The Daily Beast has published negative articles against Senator Sanders, authored by former Secretary Clinton interns. There are numerous examples of corporate owned entities clearly favoring Hillary Clinton over the anti-establishment Bernie Sanders.  They are aware that Senator Sanders’ populist message would not favor large corporations nor their Executives who dump millions of dollars into political campaigns.

Clinton has raised money with Twitter and NRA executives alike, her Super Pacs are a who’s who list of Wall Street, and she’s even accepted money from the private prison industry. The establishments discounting of Senator Sanders is not because he has no chance of winning, they fear if his message is given equal airtime that he will not only win the Democratic nomination, but the Presidency as well.

Unfortunately, this violates the principles of the foundation of media. As recent Best Picture winning Spotlight depicts – the media’s role is to present the objective truth and hold political figures and powerful establishments accountable for their actions. Instead, journalism and mainstream media has turned into outlets that protect corporate interests – instead of entities that educate and inform their audience.

New Media Alternatives

John Iadarola of The Young Turks broke down the issue quite well along with Jimmy Dore, Cenk Uygur, and Ana Kasparian.

Along with The Young Turks, International Business Times, The Intercept, and UsUncut have been objective during the primaries. Senator Sanders popularity among a broad spectrum of the American citizenry shows the United States is in the midst of a paradigm shift in how politicians are viewed. With the dwindling numbers of cable ratings and their inability to gain traction online, there is also a drastic change in how Americans gather their news.

If the mainstream media does not quickly begin presenting the truth, many outlets may be on their way towards obscurity and deservedly so.

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