Why Nordic Spas Are Amazing


You may not be familiar with Nordic Spas, but they could provide a relaxing experience that could change your approach to life.

What Are Nordic Spas?

Nordic spas also go by the name of Nordic bath circuits, Scandinavian spas, or simply hydrotherapy. While every spa develops its own unique treatment, they all work off the same principles. The basic principle is to relax the mind and body by moving between extreme heat and extreme cold to balance out the body. Carol Perehudoff goes into further details about the spas.

Every spa is different, but generally you start with a hot therapy such as a steam bath or sauna, then you dash into a cold pool (or a river, or faux waterfall or even into the snow, depending on what property you’re at), then you relax and then you do it all over again. And then you sigh with happiness.

Definitely sounds like a wonderful experience, however what is the science behind this sequence.

Science Behind the Spa

The treatment typically begins by working up a sweat is a sauna to help promote blood circulation, then immediately after your body will interact with an extremely cold body of water or snow. This can take the shape of a cold river, waterfall, shower, or possibly even snow. The cold liquid works to close your pores, reduce inflammation, and boost your immune system.

The final step is around 20 minutes of relaxation so your body returns to normal temperatures. Many say you should repeat the process two or three times for full benefits. Doing so is said to leave both body and mind feeling rejuvenated and free. Huffington Post reported on some of the other benefits provided by the experience:

Your Immune System Is Stimulated
Blood pressure rises and blood vessels contract when your body experiences the shocking sensation of a hot and cold treatment. This stimulation causes your metabolic rate to increase, activating your immune system. In other words, a nordic spa treatment increases the production of white blood cells helping you stay healthy.

It Soothes Overworked Muscles And Aching Joints
Those who train on a regular basis sing the praises of steam baths for helping muscles relax. Nordic baths, however, help overworked muscles heal and recover even more quickly.

It’s A Great Way To Eliminate Skin Toxins And Tone Skin
A hydrotherapy treatment will actually clean and tighten your skin, allowing for a healthy glow. (It’s not just in your head!) The hot temperature opens your pores to naturally eliminate toxins in your body while the cold will firm up your skin.

What About The Scenery?

The locals for these spas also add to the intrigue.

They are typically located in secluded areas sprinkled with snow, tucked the side of a mountain surrounded by light forestry, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing site. Regulars of Nordic spas often speak of the relaxing trip which is almost as beneficial as the treatment itself in their minds. Some areas offers massages, healthy meals, and have an extensive lists of other treatments available. These resorts truly go out of their way to provide just as much visual as physical relaxation.

You can find a number of Nordic Spa resorts throughout Canada.


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