15 Hobbies That Can Earn You Some Good Money


Have you ever felt that you could use some extra money but had no idea how and where to get it? Join the club. Most people with money problems rack their brains crazy thinking of ways to alleviate their economic situation. They keep themselves up all night drawing up plans to strike gold without realizing that some good money can be earned right at the comfort of their home, doing something they’re already good at – and probably actually love. If you’re trying to stretch your money for some necessities or even luxuries such as extra Starbucks runs, out-of-the-country trips, or perhaps huge projects such as your wedding, here are 15 hobbies that can earn you some good side cash:


1. Greeting Card Writer

Do you have a sense of humor that can brighten up a person’s day? More important question: can you put that sense of humor into writing? If you’re nodding your head “yes” to these questions, you just might hit gold being a greeting card writer. Greeting card companies pay as much as $300 for the exclusive rights to publish a composition.


2. Private Travel Consultant

The funny irony about people with plenty of money for traveling is that they don’t have the time to whip up the perfect vacation – and that’s where you enter. Make all those hours of reading travel and food blogs work for you by being a private travel consultant to the rich and busy. Imagine mapping out your dream vacation, only somebody else gets to go – but with enough money earned, someday you will, too.


3. Online English Tutor

Imagine using your ability to speak and write English to earn an average of $25/hour. Team that up with a computer, a headset with microphone, a stable Internet connection, and the patience to teach non-English speakers, and you’re good to go. People are willing to pay higher rates to tutors with an ESL certification but those who are on a budget don’t mind non-certified tutors.

Photo: iStock
Photo: iStock

4. Garden Farming

There’s a certain kind of romance attached to home and organic farming. In this modern age, people enjoy the idea of eating produce items without having to worry about GMO’s and chemicals. If you have a green thumb and some extra garden space, you can help out the community by doing some garden farming – all while earning cash on the side.


5. Personal Stylist

Ever dreamed of buying all the clothes and accessories that catch your fancy? Being a personal stylist can help you live that dream. Well, you wouldn’t really end up wearing the clothes and accessories, but you have to admit, shopping gives a bigger high than wearing.


6. Designing Handmade Jewelry

Remember when you were four years old and your daycare teacher introduced you to the world of macaroni jewelry? Back then, did you envision yourself becoming a jewelry designer? Well, you should have because there’s a great demand for handmade jewelry. Just check out Etsy and you would know.


7. Human Billboard

Okay, this would require you to get out of your home, but if attracting attention to yourself is one of your hobbies, being a human billboard can score you some serious bucks without much of an effort. Some people make an extra $7,000 a year renting out their beard or their hair to promote businesses.


8. Instagramming

Product endorsers on Instagram earn an average of $500 (and as much as $5,000!) per post. If you often find yourself on Instagram, it’s high time you made some serious cash out of it. To lead the right people (read: marketing sharks) to your Instagram account, build your following and understand the rules and trends of hashtags.


9. Preparing Meals-to-go

The gripe of most career men and women is not having the time to pack clean, fresh, and inexpensive lunch. Make a business out of their frazzled lives. If you fancy yourself a great home cook and do not mind waking up a couple of hours earlier, you might want to try your hand at this fun, small-scale catering business.



10. Baking

Stop treating your co-workers to your delectable baked goodies because you can actually make money out of that. Well, okay, brownies and cupcakes will earn you their good side, but they can earn you more than that, too. Ingredients for a dozen cupcakes range from $5-$10, and these can sell for $40, so if you do the math, that’s some good money.



11. Flower Arrangement

Flowers are delightfully pretty, and if you’re the kind of beautiful mind that can make pretty prettier, arranging flowers can fund your dream trip to Hawaii. You can sell flower arrangements to wedding planners, magazines, and of course, the romantics.


12. Planning Parties

There are people who were born to orchestrate parties that nobody forgets – and these people should take huge advantage of that. Planning parties is a fun way to earn extra dough and free drinks.


13. Designing T-Shirts

The hoity toity snub designing t-shirts for allegedly being a juvenile livelihood but it does help pay off student load – and there’s nothing juvenile about that. You do not even have to print your own shirts if you don’t want the trouble. Just sell your designs to t-shirt companies.


14. Pet Sitting

Most people love pets but cannot live with the whole dynamic of taking care of animals while living a normal life (e.g. work, social life, and romance). This is where you can put your crazy animal lover persona into action. Pet sitting can earn you an extra thousand dollars a month – per pet.


15. Makeup Tutorials

Makeup tutorials are all the rage right now. They are a constant source of inspiration and lessons for people who are not gifted at putting on makeup, or for those who wish to widen their makeup know-how. Makeup masters can earn money – plus some drool-worthy makeup products – from companies and sponsors.