5 Personal Traits Your Face Gives Away

An expert in face reading and author of The Wisdom of Your Face, Jean Haner says, “Yes, your face is saying something.” She further adds, that every person is born with features for a reason. She also mentions that your face is not only a map of your personality but your whole life too. We have spent a lot of time discussing all the cozy details that can be detected by people, just by looking at our face and there is no privacy guaranteed when it comes to the face reading part, mark my words. There are many things involved but today we are discussing only a few of them to keep the air cool around us.


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#5. Your IQ based on gender

PHOTO: Newinterchangeinstitute
PHOTO: Newinterchangeinstitute

Charles University in Prague conducted a study to compare calculated intelligence and observed (felt) intelligence by showing the contestants still facial photographs of 40 men and women who had previously taken their IQ test. This study revealed that men with facial expressions somewhat prolonged with a broader distance between the eyes, a large nose, a slight upturn to the corners of the mouth, and a sharper, pointing, less rounded chin were considered intelligent.

When the researchers further inquired about the goofy sorts to be pointed out, this included men with broader and rounded faces with eyes closer to each other, a short nose, declining corners of the mouth, and a rounded and massive chin.

PHOTO: Uncopyrighted
PHOTO: Uncopyrighted

There was a surprising and interesting feedback from female study contestants, as the results were quite different, there was no match between the actual and observed intelligence for the female test subjects. There is a possibility of women being built-in smart than men, though this thought was not highlighted in the research.

Also, similar to shoots, it gets truly befuddling playing with three or more.


#4. Your Sexual Selections.

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Tufts University conducted a study to gather researches to differentiate between male and female sexual choice, or let’s put it in more simple words to figure out if a man/woman was gay or straight. Simple headshots were shown to a group of students from various ads and personals. The pictures were displayed only for 50 milliseconds that would be around 1/20th of a second, and still people were able to gather what sexual choices those men would prefer. The same research was carried on with female pictures too, and that too came with the similar result.

A research was further carried out to determine the sexual behavior of females and males by studying just the facial structure. Lesbian women and straight men had more turned-up noses whereas gay men and straight women had more convex cheeks and shorter noses. Given the fact that these researches were tuned with speed, we have come to the conclusions that our brains are smarter when it comes to gathering facial features or we can simply rely on our gut feelings when it comes to relationships.

#3. Your Possibility of A One-Night stand.

According to science, the types of sexual commitments we prefer is always typed all across our face and there is nothing that can be done to hide it. Researchers at Durham University published a study in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior, 700 men and women were asked about what they were looking for in a relationship, marriage or just a short term fling. After this the participants were showed pictures of other attendants and 72% of the research was done in one glance at the pictures and were correctly judged.

PHOTO: WikiHow

Guys who have a wide face, a square jaw, and small eyes, are more likely to keep their intimate relationships on the casual side.

Girls who have wide and big eyes with full lips, were more likely to have more relationships. The researches further added that men who look more boyish and macho tend to have more relationships while attractive females are pre-programmed to get involved in as many relationships as they want.

However this case can be different in both genders but again the percentage is up to 20% who would want to settle down and do commitments the rest will enjoy short term romances.

#2. Your Political Tie-in.

PHOTO: William Foster Blog
PHOTO: William Foster Blog

Psychologists, in a Tufts’ University study made participants to study the photographs of Senate candidates. All the participants were able to distinguish correctly between Democrats and Republicans, even though they were able to find a mixture of tattooed pictures in the research. The same research was repeated with senior college student’s photographs too, and amazingly similar results were achieved. The Democrats were identified as “warmer” and the Republicans were found as “more powerful.” However this research was performed with male majority.

With female candidates there is a whole different story, as the ones who had less feminine features were of democrat group and the ladies who had more feminine features were more likely to be of a Republic group.

#1. Your Leadership Potential

PHOTO: Uncopyrighted
PHOTO: Uncopyrighted
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s scientists did a photograph scanning of 55 CEOs of Fortune 500 companies in regards to do a comparison of their facial traits and the companies’ performances. A similar test was done in Leadership Quarterly, British participants were able to consistently identify U.S.-based military, unfamiliar, and business leaders from a series of cutout faces, leading Dr. Dawn Eubanks of Warwick Business School concluded that,” leaders are being selected, at least partly, according to how they look.”

The results of both the researches were quite similar, for example the CEOs- General Electric and Southwest Airlines had wider faces. The CEOs with droopy- faced looks had companies performing below average, an example was of CEO Dick Fuld of Lehman Brothers. Research is still pending on whether the “CEO look” comes as a side-effect of having above-average leadership skills, or if we’re making these guys CEOs specifically because of their looks.

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