How to Break a Bad Habit

Everyone everywhere has some kind of bad habit they just can’t shake. Sometimes they aren’t immediately noticeable, but once they are noticed they must be addressed and resolved. For some people it might be something as simple as nail biting, and for others it might be something as serious as alcoholism. It’s all a part of being human.

The good news is that no matter what kind of bad habit you’ve picked up, you can always drop it just as easily with a little bit of diligence and discipline. See if you’ve tried these methods listed below, and if not, consider implementing them for an improved and healthier lifestyle!

1. Wean Yourself Off

You don’t want to move too fast with breaking your bad habit. In the cases of more serious bad habits like smoking — cutting yourself off cold turkey can result in some nasty and unhealthy side effects. Since the whole reason you’re trying to make a change in your life is to improve your life, dramatically changing your routine isn’t fair to your body which hasn’t had time to acclimate yet. That means the best thing to do is to slowly taper yourself off of your habit. For example, if you smoke three cigarettes a day, consider smoking only two a day for a week or two until gradually you only smoke one a day and so forth. Goals have to be attainable and appropriate for where you are at the moment.



2. Allow Others to Hold You Accountable

Sometimes you just can’t do it alone, whether it be because you don’t trust yourself to be honest with yourself, or you genuinely need the comfort from others during your struggle. It’s okay to need help, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Finding someone you can trust and telling them about your change in lifestyle can be extremely helpful. When they are around they can help hold you accountable and when they aren’t you can update them on progress. Friends and family can also be great for encouragement which is an important part of the process.


3. Reward Good Behavior

When you reach those milestones and small goals you’ve achieved along the way, don’t be scared to reward yourself and celebrate. Just remember that the celebration shouldn’t be an indulgence in your bad habit. An example of a healthy and positive way to reward yourself would be; if you go a month without biting your nails, buy yourself a nail polish color you love. Rewards that support your new good habits enforce and strengthen your resolve to stick to a healthier and happier lifestyle.


Every step taken to eradicate a bad habit is a newly learned good habit. Once you start replacing all your bad habits with good habits you’ll find yourself happier, and more satisfied with yourself and your life.


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